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New Year, New Love

Happy New Year to you Friends!


So, apparently it’s 2013. Does anyone else think that sounds just too futurama? Like we should at least be getting about on hover craft or something….                               

 I had so many good intentions of sharing the flurry of making and baking that consumed our home over the Christmas celebrations. Somehow though,  sleep and eating sugary treats were all I could manage in those fleeting moments of quiet, so I will give you  a recap soon.                                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Todays chit chat is all about my shiny, all absorbing new love …

photo 2

Oh the giddy joy found in under-over-under, repeat!IMG_2784

The new year has brought with it a burst of intense making. I have delighted in many happy moments at my homemade weaving loom, often with my Little Babe snoozing  in the sling while Miss C ‘organises’ my fabric stash…

photo 4

I have even got my lovely nieces hooked. Miss 5 and Miss 7 were mesmerised by the texture explosion that is my bundle of fabric strips, and we whipped up a couple of simple mini looms for them to experiment with. I managed to keep my inner teacher quiet and refrain from harping on about the importance of alternating the under and overs. Instead, I  played with my own weaving alongside them, watching the joy on their faces as they gleefully commentated their fabric choices and creative decisions. Three of us making and learning and loving the textile goodness forming under our fingers.

photo 5

Some of these makings have even made their way out of the studio and into a wonderful new local gallery – but that’s a story for another post; right now my love is calling me….



Find us at E for Ethel!

Hello Friends.

Yep. It’s true. We are very chuffed to be a part of the all-round loveliness that is  E for Ethel:

Wonderful, huh? Unless you have been living in a cave, you will know that Amanda and Daniel have done a truly snazzy job in creating a haven of handmade, sustainable and downright desirable treasures down on Melbourne Street. The coffee is fab, the vibe is welcoming, and the emphasis on local Australian craftiness is to be applauded. We feel rather honoured to be shelf-mates with such gorgeous brands as Delilah Devine, Kitty Came Home, That Vintage, Me and Amber, and of course, Gretel Girl Draws.

Whist we encourage you to poke around our online Etsy store whenever you like, we think you will appreciate the tactile nature of  sipping a latte while fondling the full range of our Snuggly Seed Pillows (including a good sniff of the Scented Interior Bags):

You will also find several other of our bits and bobs swanning around the place, including:

The Lady Delilah

                                                                   Fabric Wall Art

and the Heirloom Children’s Fabric Book

{Note to the procrastinators: Many of our goodies are one-offs, and can now only be found at Ethel’s… We still have a range of Snuggly Seed Pillows available online,  but if you want to snaffle your favourite in time for Christmas giving we suggest you get down to North Adelaide quick sticks!}

As if you needed a reason to hang out in a groovy cafe, right?

Megan & Alison