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Little Layers of Happy: SALA 2013

Oh friends, today’s post comes to you with much gleeful hand clapping and just a wee bit of nervous hair twiddling…

After much plotting and planning and too-ing and fro-ing, I can finally share with you the details of my very first exhibition:

Poster for sala

Hurrah! I can scarcely believe that what began as a half-joking personal challenge  for 2013 has blossomed into “an actual thing!” (as my family has heard me exclaim with increasing frequency round these parts). I will admit to a skip in pulse rate as I look at my countdown calendar and do a double take – can it really be just 60 days until opening night? Surely not… but then I stand in our hallway and smile proudly at the little family of weaving that is growing on the wall, and the fear turns back into excitement again at the thought of them finding new homes out in the big wide world.

I have been smiling at my snazzy poster for a few days now. It is the result of my dear friend, former A Visual Sensibility Mk 1 teammate, and creative right-hand – Alison  from Antler Studio. A humongous and heart-felt “THANKYOU!” Ali for  your wonderful work, cheering, advice and all-round radness.

“But Megan, what is this ‘Collaborative Community Weaving’?” I hear you ask.
Well, throughout the duration of the exhibition, visitors and customers of The Seasonal Garden Cafe will be able to make a donation of their choosing to local food rescue service OzHarvest Adelaide, and then add their own ‘little layers of happy’ to a simple frame weaving. The finished piece will be  raffled off – one lucky collaborator will win the finished weaving, and OzHarvest will receive much needed funds to continue it’s great work. I am more than a little chuffed and so very grateful that cafe owner Silvia has taken a chance on me and my little makings, and can’t wait to see my pieces snuggle into their spots within such a warm and cosy space.

All this busy making, organising and promoting has called for a new website:


Pop over to find a (growing) gallery of work, news, links to this blog and to my Etsy store – which will soon be filling up with woven goodies just as quick as my busy fingers can go.

Phew! What a lot of exciting news for one post – time for a cuppa and a bit of a lie down… who am I kidding, I have an exhibition to make for, chop chop!

Here’s to an exciting few months ,



Find us at E for Ethel!

Hello Friends.

Yep. It’s true. We are very chuffed to be a part of the all-round loveliness that is  E for Ethel:

Wonderful, huh? Unless you have been living in a cave, you will know that Amanda and Daniel have done a truly snazzy job in creating a haven of handmade, sustainable and downright desirable treasures down on Melbourne Street. The coffee is fab, the vibe is welcoming, and the emphasis on local Australian craftiness is to be applauded. We feel rather honoured to be shelf-mates with such gorgeous brands as Delilah Devine, Kitty Came Home, That Vintage, Me and Amber, and of course, Gretel Girl Draws.

Whist we encourage you to poke around our online Etsy store whenever you like, we think you will appreciate the tactile nature of  sipping a latte while fondling the full range of our Snuggly Seed Pillows (including a good sniff of the Scented Interior Bags):

You will also find several other of our bits and bobs swanning around the place, including:

The Lady Delilah

                                                                   Fabric Wall Art

and the Heirloom Children’s Fabric Book

{Note to the procrastinators: Many of our goodies are one-offs, and can now only be found at Ethel’s… We still have a range of Snuggly Seed Pillows available online,  but if you want to snaffle your favourite in time for Christmas giving we suggest you get down to North Adelaide quick sticks!}

As if you needed a reason to hang out in a groovy cafe, right?

Megan & Alison

Making Appearences: COMA Quiz Night

Hello friends.

If you are footloose and fancy free tomorrow night (Monday the 28th), why not pop along to the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Thebarton at 7pm for the COMA Quiz Night?

In their own words: COMA (Creative Original Music Adelaide) is a member-based association created to support emerging and established musicians who write and/or perform quality original music.

You can find out more about their great work on their website here. Our jazzy friend and brother in law Tom is on the committee, and roped us into donating a prize. We were of course more than happy to oblige, and have sent along one of our Snuggly Seed Pillows to be re-homed:

Red and White Striped Snuggly Seed Pillow

Tickets are $10 per head, and tables are 4-6 people (but if you are flying solo don’t worry, you are more than welcome!). Call  0423 744 550 to book a ticket, or email – but don’t hang around, they are expecting around 90 people for a big night.

Put on your thinking caps peeps!


Lots of Virtual Lovin’…

Well well well, what a nice confidence boost for we newbies….

Alison’s very clever designers eye created a gorgeous treasury – THAT WAS CHOSEN FOR THE FRONT PAGE! Wihoo! You can admire her cleverness – and lots of lovely items right here!

As if that wasn’t enough to put a chuffed little smile on our faces, our Miss Bridget Belt has been featured here at fellow Etsian Aldari’ blog of beautiful things… phew!

Feeling all loved up now.

M & A