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Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft & Design

Hello Friends.

Exciting – if somewhat belated – news today!


Should you decide to take a little wander through the Adelaide Hills, and stop off in lovely Stirling, and wander into the delightful treasure trove of arty goodness that is Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft & Design, you will find some of my weavings! Really and truly!

{ click image for photo credit }

Alison and Rose are the clever clogs behind this beautiful space, and have curated a wonderfully diverse collection. In their own words, Milan Rouge shares … “some of the most fabulous Australian produced ceramics, jewellery, glass, photography, paintings, prints, sculpture, textiles, clothing, bags, wallets, furniture, greetings cards and anything else quirky, amusing, interesting or unique”. As rather accomplished ceramists they have an eye for colour, so to have some of my little makings sitting amongst such wonderful pieces is an enourmous thrill indeed.

{ click image for photo credit }

Here’s a peak at a few of my bits and bobs that have found a happy home at the gallery:

photo 1 copyphoto 3 copy photo 3

photo 4
photo 5 copy

photo 2

photo 5

What are you waiting for? Alison and Rose are looking forward to showing you around Tuesdays – Saturdays 10am to 5pm, and Sundays 11am to 4pm. Mondays they will be home drinking cups of tea or having a good lie down.

You will find them at Shop 2/11 Oak Plaza, Mount Barker Road, Stirling (opposite the Newsagent).


New Year, New Love

Happy New Year to you Friends!


So, apparently it’s 2013. Does anyone else think that sounds just too futurama? Like we should at least be getting about on hover craft or something….                               

 I had so many good intentions of sharing the flurry of making and baking that consumed our home over the Christmas celebrations. Somehow though,  sleep and eating sugary treats were all I could manage in those fleeting moments of quiet, so I will give you  a recap soon.                                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Todays chit chat is all about my shiny, all absorbing new love …

photo 2

Oh the giddy joy found in under-over-under, repeat!IMG_2784

The new year has brought with it a burst of intense making. I have delighted in many happy moments at my homemade weaving loom, often with my Little Babe snoozing  in the sling while Miss C ‘organises’ my fabric stash…

photo 4

I have even got my lovely nieces hooked. Miss 5 and Miss 7 were mesmerised by the texture explosion that is my bundle of fabric strips, and we whipped up a couple of simple mini looms for them to experiment with. I managed to keep my inner teacher quiet and refrain from harping on about the importance of alternating the under and overs. Instead, I  played with my own weaving alongside them, watching the joy on their faces as they gleefully commentated their fabric choices and creative decisions. Three of us making and learning and loving the textile goodness forming under our fingers.

photo 5

Some of these makings have even made their way out of the studio and into a wonderful new local gallery – but that’s a story for another post; right now my love is calling me….


Miss Edith makes her debut…

Hello Friends.

Meet Miss Edith.

I have been just a little swept away with weaving here of late, and Edith is the result of lots of gleeful pottering around with twigs and lace and favourite fabric scraps.

There is just something so lovely about building up a tiny little tapestry of treasured textures and colours, unsure how it will all hang together until the last little piece has nestled in with the rest.  I will admit to some child-like hand clapping after the last bit of tricky knotting and weaving in of warp threads, and wrestling disobedient twigs into place… I feel a new obsession may have taken hold!

We have big plans, Miss Edith and I, but for now you can find her in blush or blue  having cups of tea and cake with her friend E for Ethel.


Happy Monday!


Introducing Miss Lola

Hello Friends.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a new little lady – meet Miss Lola:

Miss Lola loves a classic neutral palette of cream, latte and cocco to best show off her layers of fluty, feathery prettiness. She sports strong alligator clips for adorning a jacket or nestling into a piled-up hairdo, or a satin headband for an elegant-but-casual option. She has even been seen clipped to the front of a handbag or two around these parts….

Never one to miss a good thing, Miss Lola has made her debut at that most happening of establishments E for Ethel – if first reactions are anything to go by you may need to get your skates on to secure her company. Don’t fret if you miss out though, she is planning to pop up in A Visual Sensibility’s online Etsy store very soon!

Happy Tuesday,


Our bricks and mortar baby steps…

Hello friends.

As our Facebook friends already know, we are rather chuffed to share the first retail foray for our Snuggly Seed Pillows…. the lovely Andrea from Storisons in Hahndorf has welcomed our precious goodies into her store. Wihoo! – insert lots of giggling and proud, puffed up strutting around AVS Headquaters.

Image respectfully pilfered from here

Now you have a location to drop in and legitimately fondle the merchandise, or bury your nose in our demo Interior Seed Bags to choose your favourite scent (the Tangerine & Orange is getting lots of attention!)…. drop in to 73 Main Street, Hahndorf between 10am and 5pm Tuesday to Sunday (the groovy end of town, opposite The White House).

Oh, and take a snack and your comfy shoes – there is MUCH to be oohed and aaahed over, and you will most definitely tick several things off your Christmas shopping list.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Happy Monday to you all.

Megan & Alison.

A little bit of custom wedding loveliness…

Oooh, the fun we have had creating these little ladies.

Our lovely friend Hannah thought her sister Laura would like something like this, for her impending wedding… and so the faffing about with fabric and beads began!

To achieve the requested vintage feel, we adjusted our process a little from the Miss Amelia, with fluffy layers of flutes and folds… we have also included a very sheer net, a linen, and a silky satin to add depth and interest.

We had so much fun with this, and we send a big thankyou to the girls for the opportunity. Who knows, there could be a new product line in the shop soon…



Show Me How Friday: New Products!

Morning Friends.

On today’s Show Me How Friday, I thought detour from our very practical sewing tips, to share with you the complex and deeply intellectual creative process that is our product development…

  1. Arrive at AVS Headquaters. Boil kettle, corral kids in ball pool and kick off shoes.
  2. Spend the next 45 minutes gossiping talking about everything non-sewing related.
  3. Feed fractious children.
  4. Clean down walls, floor and self.
  5. Realise it is now lunch time and a lack of food is to blame for the drop in blood sugar –  and increasing irritability with splatters of kids lunch now adorning grown up clothing.
  6. Make and eat lunch.
  7. Clean up, boil kettle and break out the choccie biscuits.
  8. Finally get down to business….

I know. We too are amazed that we get anything done.

Still, we do, and most recently we are on the brink of something rather wonderful. The product idea that started the whole ball rolling is at the end of prototype stage. Much giggling and admiring of our handiwork has been taking place, and we are about to launch into the real, actual bona fide MAKING! Sneak peeks coming soon, suffice to say at this stage it is A) for little ones and B) something big folks who love little ones will love too…

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are, see you Monday with some pictures to whet your appetites!