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A little sneak peak…

Hello friends.

So, in our big gaping absence from this space, we really have been two busy beavers. Lots of sewing, cutting and printing….  FINALLY we have the photographic evidence of our Snuggly Seed Bags to prove we weren’t just off having our hair done:

Firstly, for big people:



Blue Waratah

And the first in our children’s series:

The Hare


The Tortoise

(Yep, we couldn’t resist a little bit of an insider joke ).

Our Snuggly Seed Bags can be used hot and cold, and will come with your choice of either Lavender, Tangerine & Orange or Eucalyptus removable flax seed inserts (that’s right, a washable, de-grottable heat bag! Wihoo!). With their looped handles, we think they make a comforting and cosy friend to turn to for bumped heads, skinned knees and achy tummies. And kids will like them too 😉 .

There are several other designs available, so keep your eyes on our Etsy store in the next few days. If you are coming along to the Mt Barker Waldorf School Spring Fair on the 29th of October,  you will be able to fondle their loveliness in person at our stall. Either way, we look forward to sharing them all with you!

Megan & Alison.