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Meet my pit crew…

Jeepers Creepers my Peepers.

The calander says the 25 th of July. Really? Because by my calculations that is a mere 9 days till opening night…. gulp! But that’s ok, because this crazy thing is actually starting to come together. In fact, it’s all getting excitingly real.

I even have sponsors – and some of them are not friends or family!


Uh huh, the generous Peter Fitzsimons from Hahndorf’s very own local Gulf Brewery has donated some of his boutique ciders and beers for our opening night shenanigans (responsibly consumed of course). Whoot! Cider, anyone?

Elected Member Brochure 110407.indd

Keeping up the Peter theme, and not to be outdone, is the good work of Peter McGinn and the Mount Barker Council. Ah, the gift of financial sponsorship, the way to an artist’s heart. Well timed and greatly appreciated, thanks team!


And of course there is Silvia and The Seasonal Garden Cafe – you can read my previous gushing grattitude and excitement here and here.

Then there’s my inner circle & support crew. With much ado I stand and applaud:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.10.00 PM

Tony Walsh Electrical: Opening night tipples of white and red wine brought to you by the steadfast, ever-supportive rocks that are my parents. Even if they are not as ‘moved’ by strips of old dresses and twigs as I am, they listen to my ramblings, pitch in with my small babes and cheer my little victories. What more could a girl ask for? Thanks Mum & Dad xx


Antler StudioAlison, my creative sounding board, my ex-partner in A Visual Sensibility crime, my bestie. Thank you, thank you, thank you; after all, what would this adventure be without her canny ability to turn my vibe into lovely, informative things to look at? xx


Method Advisory: My hubby –  methodical advice and lots of patience. Thank you for being the feet on the ground to my head in the clouds. Mwah xx.

Thanks must also go to my sissy and wing-girl Kerry, for championing my work to anyone who will listen, and teeing up advertising spots far and wide. You are rad. You know you are xx.

With all these folks behind me, we are in for a good time Friends!

Righto, back to the loom, the clock is ticking….



Little Layers of Happy: SALA 2013

Oh friends, today’s post comes to you with much gleeful hand clapping and just a wee bit of nervous hair twiddling…

After much plotting and planning and too-ing and fro-ing, I can finally share with you the details of my very first exhibition:

Poster for sala

Hurrah! I can scarcely believe that what began as a half-joking personal challenge  for 2013 has blossomed into “an actual thing!” (as my family has heard me exclaim with increasing frequency round these parts). I will admit to a skip in pulse rate as I look at my countdown calendar and do a double take – can it really be just 60 days until opening night? Surely not… but then I stand in our hallway and smile proudly at the little family of weaving that is growing on the wall, and the fear turns back into excitement again at the thought of them finding new homes out in the big wide world.

I have been smiling at my snazzy poster for a few days now. It is the result of my dear friend, former A Visual Sensibility Mk 1 teammate, and creative right-hand – Alison  from Antler Studio. A humongous and heart-felt “THANKYOU!” Ali for  your wonderful work, cheering, advice and all-round radness.

“But Megan, what is this ‘Collaborative Community Weaving’?” I hear you ask.
Well, throughout the duration of the exhibition, visitors and customers of The Seasonal Garden Cafe will be able to make a donation of their choosing to local food rescue service OzHarvest Adelaide, and then add their own ‘little layers of happy’ to a simple frame weaving. The finished piece will be  raffled off – one lucky collaborator will win the finished weaving, and OzHarvest will receive much needed funds to continue it’s great work. I am more than a little chuffed and so very grateful that cafe owner Silvia has taken a chance on me and my little makings, and can’t wait to see my pieces snuggle into their spots within such a warm and cosy space.

All this busy making, organising and promoting has called for a new website:


Pop over to find a (growing) gallery of work, news, links to this blog and to my Etsy store – which will soon be filling up with woven goodies just as quick as my busy fingers can go.

Phew! What a lot of exciting news for one post – time for a cuppa and a bit of a lie down… who am I kidding, I have an exhibition to make for, chop chop!

Here’s to an exciting few months ,


A scary, exciting, wonderful leap of faith.

Hello Friends.

Big news today.

But first, some lovely Autumn leaves….


Ok. Beautiful moment shared.

So, here it is, I am just going to tell you:

I am holding my very first exhibition of weaving – of anything! – at this years South Australian Living Artist Festival (SALA) in August. Eeeeeeek!

Late last year I noticed a stubborn murmur in my Heart that dared to whisper “You can do it, have an exhibition, push yourself”. At first I laughed and said “But silly old Heart, I have only just discovered the heady rush of weaving. What would I make? Who would come? Where would it be?”, followed by a million reasons why it would never happen.

But my Heart, well, she wants what she wants. A bit of research here, some googling there, and lots and lots of daydreaming later, I found myself mumbling to my loved ones “I think I am going to enter SALA “. No-one laughed, so I started saying it louder, with more conviction, to myself in the mirror (and random people I met at the shops). Plotting. Planning. Nervous happy giggling into the dark late at night when my busy brain refused to stop thinking and go to sleep.

So now here I sit, sharing this giddy next step with you, after a day full of sponsorship-seeking emailing, website tweaking and opening night planning. More details to come as it all unfolds, there are so many exciting things afoot. Right now though, it’s enough to say: it begins….

Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft & Design

Hello Friends.

Exciting – if somewhat belated – news today!


Should you decide to take a little wander through the Adelaide Hills, and stop off in lovely Stirling, and wander into the delightful treasure trove of arty goodness that is Milan Rouge Contemporary Craft & Design, you will find some of my weavings! Really and truly!

{ click image for photo credit }

Alison and Rose are the clever clogs behind this beautiful space, and have curated a wonderfully diverse collection. In their own words, Milan Rouge shares … “some of the most fabulous Australian produced ceramics, jewellery, glass, photography, paintings, prints, sculpture, textiles, clothing, bags, wallets, furniture, greetings cards and anything else quirky, amusing, interesting or unique”. As rather accomplished ceramists they have an eye for colour, so to have some of my little makings sitting amongst such wonderful pieces is an enourmous thrill indeed.

{ click image for photo credit }

Here’s a peak at a few of my bits and bobs that have found a happy home at the gallery:

photo 1 copyphoto 3 copy photo 3

photo 4
photo 5 copy

photo 2

photo 5

What are you waiting for? Alison and Rose are looking forward to showing you around Tuesdays – Saturdays 10am to 5pm, and Sundays 11am to 4pm. Mondays they will be home drinking cups of tea or having a good lie down.

You will find them at Shop 2/11 Oak Plaza, Mount Barker Road, Stirling (opposite the Newsagent).

New Year, New Love

Happy New Year to you Friends!


So, apparently it’s 2013. Does anyone else think that sounds just too futurama? Like we should at least be getting about on hover craft or something….                               

 I had so many good intentions of sharing the flurry of making and baking that consumed our home over the Christmas celebrations. Somehow though,  sleep and eating sugary treats were all I could manage in those fleeting moments of quiet, so I will give you  a recap soon.                                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Todays chit chat is all about my shiny, all absorbing new love …

photo 2

Oh the giddy joy found in under-over-under, repeat!IMG_2784

The new year has brought with it a burst of intense making. I have delighted in many happy moments at my homemade weaving loom, often with my Little Babe snoozing  in the sling while Miss C ‘organises’ my fabric stash…

photo 4

I have even got my lovely nieces hooked. Miss 5 and Miss 7 were mesmerised by the texture explosion that is my bundle of fabric strips, and we whipped up a couple of simple mini looms for them to experiment with. I managed to keep my inner teacher quiet and refrain from harping on about the importance of alternating the under and overs. Instead, I  played with my own weaving alongside them, watching the joy on their faces as they gleefully commentated their fabric choices and creative decisions. Three of us making and learning and loving the textile goodness forming under our fingers.

photo 5

Some of these makings have even made their way out of the studio and into a wonderful new local gallery – but that’s a story for another post; right now my love is calling me….


Behind The Scenes: Painting and pottering

Hello Friends.

It’s all go here at AVS Headquarters, with a lovely new product coming together just in time for bestowing on lucky loved ones for Christmas (sneak peak coming soon….).

Amidst the plotting, planning and cutting, I have also had the screen printing paint out; Miss C took one look at the pots of bright colour and declared she must help!

Time to get messy…

{As you can see, the paintbrushes in the first photo were quickly abandoned for the thrill of cold, sloppy paint squishing through little fingers}.

I dug out a piece of white fabric from the depths of ‘The Stash’, and wrapped it around some cardboard. We decided that once it was painted, we could sew it into a “special resting pillow for resting”. There followed much happy chatting about the process – Miss C gave an excited running commentary on the way the colours were blending together, and I focused on not caring that the colours were all blending together…

So much fun was had that it was time to move onto some potato stamping.

I carved some shapes into some teeny potatoes that had seen better days, but were just the right size for little hands. After a rather epic cleanup, we re-loaded the palette and Miss C set about trying them all out. After the wild abandon of the finger painting, I think this proved to be rather dull, and after a couple of goes each it was “time to pack up Mummy”. I think my little girl is a chip off my block – we both seem to be happiest with spontaneous creativity over lots of rules.

No doubt my right hand girl will lead us off on another adventure to share soon. After a weekend full of sunshine, friends and some decadent pizza-devouring, it’s time to knuckle down and get making.

Happy Monday!


Behind the scenes: Strawberry goodness

Hello friends.

Last weekend we had a window of lovely weather here in the Adelaide Hills. My husband took one look at the big blue sky full of fluffy clouds and declared it to be Strawberry Picking Saturday. As the unchallenged sweet-tooth of the family, I of course needed no convincing – the kids were bundled into the car quick as a flash, as I drooled in anticipation of THIS:

Decadent huh?  We are super lucky to live only a few minutes from Beerenberg  Strawberry Farm, so it was not long before we were contentedly meandering  up and down the rows of shiny red strawberries with juice dripping off our chins.

The following morning Miss C joined me at the blender to whizz up a huge jug of strawberry smoothie. Slurp, slurp, s l u u u r r p…

With full bellies and milk moustaches, we launched eagerly into our first-ever jam making project. I chose this as our guide,  for it’s speed, and the fact that all the super hot boiling part would take place safely tucked away inside the microwave, out of reach by curious little fingers.

It was 35 min from chopping and hulling, to licking our very own delicious jam off of the spoon! We managed to control ourselves long enough to wait for a batch of date scones to cool – and for a quick photo to mark the big moment – before we devoured them.

In the name of decency I am not including the ‘after’ shots, which may or may not show someone sneakily licking the plate. It’s for the best.