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T H E    S T O R Y    S O    F A R . . .

Back in the not so distant past, Megan mumbled to Alison around a mouthful of carrot cake “You know, we would probably get more done if we put our creative heads together and joined forces”. Alison put down her cup of tea and said “Yes. We would. Let’s!”

And so A Visual Sensibility was born, as two dear friends high-fived and smiled and felt quite chuffed at their cleverness. They wondered how it was that they had not had such a brilliant revelation before, and felt sure that they were destined for hours of joyful sewing and making.

In the weeks that followed there was a torrent of chatting and planning and egging each other on. Fabric was stroked lovingly, sketches were doodled in notepads, and there was much nodding and all round agreement that this was a very good thing. Alison became quite skilled at gently keeping Megan’s feet on the ground, and Megan excelled at boiling the kettle. They made a great team.

As well as making things, Alison also started making a person. It soon became apparent that sewing around a growing belly was getting just a bit too tricky; after juggling these two projects admirably for a while, inevitably one of them had to go on the back burner. Alison chose sewing, and reluctantly bowed out of A Visual Sensibility to nest and kiss baby toes. Megan missed her, but agreed that even an overflowing stash of fabric treasures are no match for pudgy baby toe kissing. Both friends agreed that should Alison ever be able to drag herself away from all the baby-love, more collaborative stitching would be a must.

Two became one, and it is now just Megan busily sewing and blogging and emailing and shipping little fabric goodies off to their new homes. Why not put the kettle on, kick off your shoes and browse a while… maybe that new home is you.



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