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Meet my pit crew…

Jeepers Creepers my Peepers.

The calander says the 25 th of July. Really? Because by my calculations that is a mere 9 days till opening night…. gulp! But that’s ok, because this crazy thing is actually starting to come together. In fact, it’s all getting excitingly real.

I even have sponsors – and some of them are not friends or family!


Uh huh, the generous Peter Fitzsimons from Hahndorf’s very own local Gulf Brewery has donated some of his boutique ciders and beers for our opening night shenanigans (responsibly consumed of course). Whoot! Cider, anyone?

Elected Member Brochure 110407.indd

Keeping up the Peter theme, and not to be outdone, is the good work of Peter McGinn and the Mount Barker Council. Ah, the gift of financial sponsorship, the way to an artist’s heart. Well timed and greatly appreciated, thanks team!


And of course there is Silvia and The Seasonal Garden Cafe – you can read my previous gushing grattitude and excitement here and here.

Then there’s my inner circle & support crew. With much ado I stand and applaud:

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.10.00 PM

Tony Walsh Electrical: Opening night tipples of white and red wine brought to you by the steadfast, ever-supportive rocks that are my parents. Even if they are not as ‘moved’ by strips of old dresses and twigs as I am, they listen to my ramblings, pitch in with my small babes and cheer my little victories. What more could a girl ask for? Thanks Mum & Dad xx


Antler StudioAlison, my creative sounding board, my ex-partner in A Visual Sensibility crime, my bestie. Thank you, thank you, thank you; after all, what would this adventure be without her canny ability to turn my vibe into lovely, informative things to look at? xx


Method Advisory: My hubby –  methodical advice and lots of patience. Thank you for being the feet on the ground to my head in the clouds. Mwah xx.

Thanks must also go to my sissy and wing-girl Kerry, for championing my work to anyone who will listen, and teeing up advertising spots far and wide. You are rad. You know you are xx.

With all these folks behind me, we are in for a good time Friends!

Righto, back to the loom, the clock is ticking….