A scary, exciting, wonderful leap of faith.

Hello Friends.

Big news today.

But first, some lovely Autumn leaves….


Ok. Beautiful moment shared.

So, here it is, I am just going to tell you:

I am holding my very first exhibition of weaving – of anything! – at this years South Australian Living Artist Festival (SALA) in August. Eeeeeeek!

Late last year I noticed a stubborn murmur in my Heart that dared to whisper “You can do it, have an exhibition, push yourself”. At first I laughed and said “But silly old Heart, I have only just discovered the heady rush of weaving. What would I make? Who would come? Where would it be?”, followed by a million reasons why it would never happen.

But my Heart, well, she wants what she wants. A bit of research here, some googling there, and lots and lots of daydreaming later, I found myself mumbling to my loved ones “I think I am going to enter SALA “. No-one laughed, so I started saying it louder, with more conviction, to myself in the mirror (and random people I met at the shops). Plotting. Planning. Nervous happy giggling into the dark late at night when my busy brain refused to stop thinking and go to sleep.

So now here I sit, sharing this giddy next step with you, after a day full of sponsorship-seeking emailing, website tweaking and opening night planning. More details to come as it all unfolds, there are so many exciting things afoot. Right now though, it’s enough to say: it begins….


3 responses to “A scary, exciting, wonderful leap of faith.

  1. Well done Megan for stepping outside your comfort zone, and good luck. We all want to come and see your exhibition.

  2. Congrats! Sometimes it is hard to push yourself out of your comfort zone but well done for doing it and for having confidence in your ability. I just wish I could go to the exhibition myself!

  3. A Visual Sensibility

    Thanks ladies! Right now I’m operating under that old saying: ‘Bite off more than you can chew and chew like mad!’
    Would be great to see you again (off of the interwebs) Christine 🙂
    You will be with me in spirit Kyles, and there will be plenty of photos to bore you with don’t worry :))x

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