Monthly Archives: May 2013

A scary, exciting, wonderful leap of faith.

Hello Friends.

Big news today.

But first, some lovely Autumn leaves….


Ok. Beautiful moment shared.

So, here it is, I am just going to tell you:

I am holding my very first exhibition of weaving – of anything! – at this years South Australian Living Artist Festival (SALA) in August. Eeeeeeek!

Late last year I noticed a stubborn murmur in my Heart that dared to whisper “You can do it, have an exhibition, push yourself”. At first I laughed and said “But silly old Heart, I have only just discovered the heady rush of weaving. What would I make? Who would come? Where would it be?”, followed by a million reasons why it would never happen.

But my Heart, well, she wants what she wants. A bit of research here, some googling there, and lots and lots of daydreaming later, I found myself mumbling to my loved ones “I think I am going to enter SALA “. No-one laughed, so I started saying it louder, with more conviction, to myself in the mirror (and random people I met at the shops). Plotting. Planning. Nervous happy giggling into the dark late at night when my busy brain refused to stop thinking and go to sleep.

So now here I sit, sharing this giddy next step with you,¬†after a day full of sponsorship-seeking emailing, website tweaking and opening night planning. More details to come as it all unfolds, there are so many exciting things afoot. Right now though, it’s enough to say: it begins….