Down the rabbit hole of impossible cuteness

Hello Friends.

So, apparently it’s nearly the end of October. OCTOBER! Obviously my well-intentioned pre-baby pledge to see you all back here at the start of September didn’t quite pan out…

… I offer my defence:

Meet our sweet little girl, who arrived at the start of August happy and healthy. I have had no choice but to smooch and stare in proud maternal wonderment at our precious Little Babe. Tiny hands needed holding, chubby cheeks needed kissing, and excited 2 1/2 year old Miss C needed to be lovingly shown the difference between cuddles and suffocation. Oh, and then there’s the washing. Jeepers.  I had forgotten just how much of a tornado of laundry one tiny little person can create.

Anyway gang, I am   s l o w l y   getting my stitch on. Stay tuned as I dust off the laptop and rejoin the bustling crafty interwebs, one finger peking at the keyboard while I rock a little piece if joy in my arms…

It’s good to be back.


Find out more here!


One response to “Down the rabbit hole of impossible cuteness

  1. Incredibly cute, no wonder you got side tracked.

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