Monthly Archives: August 2012

Time for smoochin’ little fingers and toes…

Hello Friends.

‘Inspired Nesting’ by Groundwork

With our second babe now due next week, it’s time to shut the laptop and focus on my little family for a little bit. You know the drill: frenzied bursts of cleaning, holding impossibly cute little baby clothes up to my tummy and giggling, and sneaking all the couch time I can.

My little Etsy store is in holiday mode, but feel free to ‘convo’ me, or drop me an email on if you have any queries. I am sure I will be unable to stay away from sneaky Facebook moments, so you can say hi there too.

I will be back online the beginning of September, and have some lovely new products in the pipeline that I hope to show you (pending excessive toe kissing and little cheek snuggling time)…

Until then, stay happy and safe, and I will see you on the other side!