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Get in quick for Bowerbird VIP Tickets!

Hello Friends.

Being the stylish, indi-loving, small business supporter that you are, I thought I would pop in to share a bit of news from the wonderland that is Bowerbird Bazaar:

Doesn’t that sound rather excellent? If you love the idea of being one of the first to get your greedy paws on all those lovely treasures, click here to grab yourself a vip ticket.

You’re welcome 🙂



Miss Edith makes her debut…

Hello Friends.

Meet Miss Edith.

I have been just a little swept away with weaving here of late, and Edith is the result of lots of gleeful pottering around with twigs and lace and favourite fabric scraps.

There is just something so lovely about building up a tiny little tapestry of treasured textures and colours, unsure how it will all hang together until the last little piece has nestled in with the rest.  I will admit to some child-like hand clapping after the last bit of tricky knotting and weaving in of warp threads, and wrestling disobedient twigs into place… I feel a new obsession may have taken hold!

We have big plans, Miss Edith and I, but for now you can find her in blush or blue  having cups of tea and cake with her friend E for Ethel.


Happy Monday!