Bits and bobs, and a wee little SALE!

Hello Freinds

If you are pottering around Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, pop into the fab Library for a peek  the latest AVS contribution to the local artist display…

… All your favourites are there, soaking up the vibe and modestly showing off their little stitches and embellishments.

I LOVE this time of year in the hills – no fire danger (!),  golden Autumn leaves crunching under boots – and boots! – but brrrrrrrr, it’s getting chilly! To help you keep your little ones (and yourself) cosy and warm, head on over to the AVS Facebook  page for a little Autumn sale. It ends this Friday at 10pm, so spread the  word and don’t dilly dally!

It was lovely to be included in an all-Aussie Etsy treasury of goodness recently too:

Thanks Maryanne!

Ok, off I go, time to cosy up under my Nanna’s crocheted rug of lovelyness and slurp on a hot cuppa – for all of 3 seconds till the little one realises she REALLY needs dinner/hide-and-seek/another book etc etc…. still, it will be good while it lasts 🙂



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