Two become one

Hello friends.

The new year has brought with it some changes for A Visual Sensibility.

You see, as well as making lots of beautiful things recently, Alison also started making a person. It has became apparent that sewing around a growing belly is getting just a bit too tricky; after juggling these two projects admirably for a while, inevitably one of them has had to go on the back burner. Alison quite rightly has chosen sewing, and has reluctantly bowed out of A Visual Sensibility to nest and kiss soon to arrive baby toes. Megan misses her, but agrees that even an overflowing stash of fabric treasures are no match for pudgy baby toe kissing. Both of us agree that should Alison ever be able to drag herself away from all the baby-love, more collaborative stitching would be a must.

So now it is just me –  Megan –  busily sewing and blogging and emailing and shipping little fabric goodies off to their new homes. I’m also putting together a new line of fluty, fluffy lovelies that will get a proper introduction soon.

Here’s a little sneak peek:

{Is it slightly bonkers to clap my hands with sewers delight as layers of swirly texture come together?}

Back to the needle and thread – I have to be my own time keeper and whip cracker now 😉 !



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