It’s that pink, chocolaty time of year again…

Hello Friends

Yep, allegedly it’s February already. That means Valentines Day is just around the corner – get out the stretchy pants and show me the chocolate! It’s my turn to organise a craft activity at my little one’s Friday playgroup this week, and I am eager to put together a Valentines theme that doesn’t involve 10 kilos of red glitter and endless paper doily hearts….

Looking for a some inspiration, I revisited Ali’s beautiful treasury from last year:

(still coveting that little locket…)

…and this one from January:

Hmmmm, bunting?, clay necklace?…  All lovely, but no lightbulb moments yet.

On then to some *researching* amongst the many Etsy treasures, like this one:

and this one:

and this one:

(do click the link and spend some time perusing this lovely shop while you wear your heart on your sleeve…)

Umm, yeah, obviously papercutting and scalpels are not going to fly with the under 5’s – time to pop over to the trusty Ellen at The Long Thread, and her conveniently timed Valentines round up post – oh the loveliness!

The colour junkie in me really loves the crayon idea, but not a quick project to entrance boisterous little ones.  The recycled paper hearts centre bottom (from Ellen’s earlier post here) are getting the mind racing though….. as a garland? Mini ones strung together as a necklace? A mobile? Hmmmm…

Will take some pictures Friday and show you the resulting happy chaos.



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