Our bricks and mortar baby steps…

Hello friends.

As our Facebook friends already know, we are rather chuffed to share the first retail foray for our Snuggly Seed Pillows…. the lovely Andrea from Storisons in Hahndorf has welcomed our precious goodies into her store. Wihoo! – insert lots of giggling and proud, puffed up strutting around AVS Headquaters.

Image respectfully pilfered from here

Now you have a location to drop in and legitimately fondle the merchandise, or bury your nose in our demo Interior Seed Bags to choose your favourite scent (the Tangerine & Orange is getting lots of attention!)…. drop in to 73 Main Street, Hahndorf between 10am and 5pm Tuesday to Sunday (the groovy end of town, opposite The White House).

Oh, and take a snack and your comfy shoes – there is MUCH to be oohed and aaahed over, and you will most definitely tick several things off your Christmas shopping list.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Happy Monday to you all.

Megan & Alison.


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