Fun at the Fair

Hello friends.

Phew! What a wonderful whirl wind…

Thought we would pop in to share our very first ever real-world public appearance at the Mt Barker Waldorf School Spring Fair with you:

The days before were a flurry of bunting making and seed bag scenting ….

… then the day was upon us. Oh the hefting, packing, list-checking and silly giggling! There was slight hiccup with stall location – seems a whole bunch of us were ‘re-located’ to a different area away from the main craft stalls, resulting in a bit of confusion and jostling for a good spot. Still, we were soon setting up our wares, and marvelling at the way it all came together in the flap of a tablecloth…

Our newsletter sign up form and postcards (these were such a big hit we will have them available in the shop soon!)

Miss Amelia, Lady Delilah, and the sisters Miss’s Bess, Belle and Bridget hanging out together. The Heirloom Children’s Fabric Book (Spring Wonder) is tucked away in the foreground.

The launch of The Hare and The Tortoise – at long last we shared our little friends with the big wide world!

More of our Snuggly Seed Bags making their debut.

Megan feeling pretty chuffed (although unsure just where to put her hands for a natural looking pose, and so ending up looking rather robotic)…

… and Ali looking equally chuffed (and far more comfortable).

While it was just a little stall at a fair, the day meant so much more to us both. It was the culmination of almost two years of scheming, dreaming, and planning, of taking a little idea and a wonderful friendship, and nurturing both into something fun and exciting and rewarding. Through the pregnancies, nappies, sleep deprivation, tears, laughs, mistakes and oh so many cups of tea, we have grown our little creative baby into something we are really proud of. We dared to take it from our sewing rooms to the world at large to share it with you all, and that feels really good. Hooray!

Megan & Ali


2 responses to “Fun at the Fair

  1. Hi,
    I just ordered your hare and tortoise snugly pillows (I know my kids will love them! My 7yr old son loves turtles…).

    Wanted to say yah to you for your first little stall! What a beautiful fair to launch at (though I’ve never been, I’ve heard wonderful things about Mt Barker Steiner School). Here’s to lots more wonderful crafty stalls and successes for your sweet creations.

    Looking forward to my parcel arriving – and keeping it away from the kids’ eyes until Christmas morning.

    With thanks,

  2. A Visual Sensibility

    Hi Ellie
    Thanks! We were disproportionally excited and had a ball – although we have a renewed respect for those regular marketeers, what a lot of organising, wrapping, packing and hefting goes on!

    We are packing up your orders now, and will trot down to the post office this afternoon to send them on their way… do send us a photo of your little ones enjoying their cosy new pals, we would love to see them in their new homes!

    Thanks again for your support,
    Megan and Ali

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