Monthly Archives: July 2011

Creative Crush Wednesday: Us!

Hello friends.

Ok, so this post is a little indulgent as far as our Creative Crush series goes, but things are bubbling along nicely here behind the scenes and we wanted to share a sneak peak….

Yep, there has been much printy goodness happening of late.

We can’t show you just yet (cue mysterious music), but we are in the final stages of a product that we are very excited about. It was the idea that started our AVS ball rolling, and has been brewing away in the background for nearly 2 years now. It really has been very patient with us and our neverending tweaking and thinking and muddling through, till we now have something we are rather chuffed with.

We have a new and improved headquarters now too, with a whole room devoted to fabric, stitching and all round creativeness. Well, half the room is set up for the kidletts to dress up, draw, make music or laugh at themselves in the mirror so we big people can be a whirl of productiveness. We shall see how it goes tomorrow.

Wish us luck!