In The Spotlight: Miss Bess Rosette Brooch

Welcome Friends.

Today we introduce a new regular post – In The Spotlight. It’s a cosy little space for you to get up close and personal with some of our favourite products; actually, we love them all so we shouldn’t play favourites and will probably share them all, just so they don’t get jealous and start bickering.

We thought we would start with the smallest of the triplets:

Miss Bess

Little sister Miss Bess is sweet. Like most little sisters, she loves to be up front, in full view, ready to hear all the compliments coming her way. Miss Bess is versatile too – able to close a cardigan, add oomph to a plain top, or some charm to an otherwise plain jacket. She has even been known to make an appearance pinned to the side of a piled-up hair do. Anything to be noticed.

Miss Bess began when we noticed the lovely combination of fabrics nestled together in our stash.  Some absent-minded toying around followed, some stitches here, a button there – ta da!

If you would like to get to know Miss Bess, you will find her in our shop here. She likes to stooge about with her sisters, Miss Belle and Miss Bridget who are itching to meet you here soon.

See you Wednesday for another Creative Crush…



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