Show Me How Friday: Crochet

Hello Friends.

In my parallel life – the one where I have mastered the art of time management, have a house keeper to take care of the endless streams of washing, and an organised sewing room Martha would be jealous of – I crochet. Prolifically.

In this life, I just fiddle around longingly with bits of wool and my Grandma’s crochet hook. After somehow managing to make a tiny acorn-style hat instead of a lovely granny square, I pull it all undone and tell myself today is just not the day. But it’s coming soon.

Enter the lovely Pip of Meet Me At Mikes:

Yep, a very encouraging post title, nifty photo of a lovely crocheted rug, all looks promising doesn’t it? But wait for the best bit:

That’s right folks. Kind-hearted Pip has created step by step tutorials to get even the most clumsy of us crocheting our little fingers off. She offers video, photos and diagrams (choices!) and friendly instructions to have you on your way in no time. She has also linked key terms to more info so you won’t be left wondering what worsted weight yarn is, or the best yarn holding technique.

Oh the potential! The things we can make! The satisfaction that awaits at joining the long list of clever crocheting women in my family, and creating something to be treasured and hugged by our little one and those who come after her.

So, is it a deal? Will you join me on an adventure into hooks, chains and double chains? Excellent! We can keep each other motivated.

Oh, and just incase you are thinking “I would love to learn to crochet with you, but rainbow granny squares are just not my thing…” :

Then you should head on over to The Purl Bee to see a more sophisticated twist.

Oh yeah, now you’re hooked!



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