Show Me How Friday: A Clever Clutch from The Purl Bee

Hello Friend.

Glad you made it to our Friday date together, we have been looking forward to it. Today we bring you stylish yet achievable cleverness from one of our favourite online destinations:

We love for The Purl Bee for so/sew many reasons… the beautiful photographs, the colour, the regular posts. Most of all, we love their dedication to providing usable, gorgeous and attainable how-to’s for the big four loves of our creative lives: crochet, sewing, knitting and embroidery.

But we digress – this is Show Me How Friday, not Creative Crush Wednesday, so lets get to the making bit.

Screenshot from

This clever little tutorial is ideal for beginning sewers, time pressed crafty folk, or even a project to tackle with the little people in your lives. What could be more fun than pouring over your precious fabric stash to find just the right fabric combinations? Exactly. Nothing. (Well, nothing short of dribbly toddler kisses or a family size block of Top Deck).

Laura walks you through the materials you will need, holds your hand while you cut, and cheers for you as you pin, sew and admire your new clutch. The instructions are very clear, but if you are a visual learner like me, you will appreciate the wealth of photos to avoid any confusion.

If you are feeling pretty confident, you could follow along online. However – hoarders and lovers of busy work that we are – we think it could be rather nice to print out the tutorial to make notes and take ones time. Then it could be filed away in a folder accompanied by pictures of us partying with clutch deftly in hand…  you know, for bragging. Just a little bit.

So there you are, your weekend project awaits. You have full permission to pull out all your treasured fabric bits and lay them out all around the house for the selection process. Hooray!

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