Creative Crush Wednesday: How About Orange

Hello Friends

We are glad you have made your way out of the Pintrest vortex, and are ready to follow our lead to another little corner of the interwebs…

Today we would like to introduce you to:

In Jessica’s own words:

How About Orange features craft project how-tos, decorating ideas, printable downloads, useful design resources, and lots of inspiration for people who like to create things.

Oh Jessica, you had us at ‘craft project how-tos’…. ‘decorating ideas’ and ‘printable downloads’ is just plain saucy.

One of our favourites (remember one half of is a Graphic Designer and the other half is a try hard) is the Pantone chip magnet DIY:

The colours. The littleness. The shiny-ness. The excuse to faff about with magnets and glue. Did we mention all the colours? Genius.

We think you will enjoy the stylish round-ups and nifty finds showcased on this sumptuous blog. Not that we want you to start seeing anyone else – we really like what we have going with you, and we see us having a great future together… but we won’t mind if you want to spice things up with some harmless looking around every now and then.

Off you go then, see you for our date on Friday.



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