The excitement of visiting the post office.

Hello again Friends.

We thought we would share with you the veritable frenzy of hand clapping and unstifled giggling that took place at AVS Headquaters just before Christmas. You see, we had our very first sale. And it wasn’t to our Mums. It was a real person, from the other side of the world, who saw our little Etsy shop and liked what we did so much she BOUGHT OUR PRINT!

It was a little while ago now, but someone (ahem) has only just now dumped the photos from her camera onto the computer, and is attempting – as always – to vainly sort and label them into some sort of sensible order.

Here we are wrapping up our Spring Wonder Print and photographing every little step for posterity (and as proof that it really did happen):

(I love that Ali’s outfit is perfectly coordinated 🙂 )

Thankyou Jennifer! You made two fabric-obsessed ladies very happy.


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