Show Me How Friday: New Products!

Morning Friends.

On today’s Show Me How Friday, I thought detour from our very practical sewing tips, to share with you the complex and deeply intellectual creative process that is our product development…

  1. Arrive at AVS Headquaters. Boil kettle, corral kids in ball pool and kick off shoes.
  2. Spend the next 45 minutes gossiping talking about everything non-sewing related.
  3. Feed fractious children.
  4. Clean down walls, floor and self.
  5. Realise it is now lunch time and a lack of food is to blame for the drop in blood sugar –  and increasing irritability with splatters of kids lunch now adorning grown up clothing.
  6. Make and eat lunch.
  7. Clean up, boil kettle and break out the choccie biscuits.
  8. Finally get down to business….

I know. We too are amazed that we get anything done.

Still, we do, and most recently we are on the brink of something rather wonderful. The product idea that started the whole ball rolling is at the end of prototype stage. Much giggling and admiring of our handiwork has been taking place, and we are about to launch into the real, actual bona fide MAKING! Sneak peeks coming soon, suffice to say at this stage it is A) for little ones and B) something big folks who love little ones will love too…

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are, see you Monday with some pictures to whet your appetites!




2 responses to “Show Me How Friday: New Products!

  1. A Visual Sensibility

    You are hilarious M!
    Love A.

  2. A Visual Sensibility

    Oooh thanks A – glad to know someone actually read it!
    Love M/

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