Show Me How Friday: Skirt Love from The Long Thread

Hello team. Happy Friday to you.

Another short one today. This time it’s a looming girl’s night that has my fingers typing rather quickly. You should not, however, assume that this means todays ‘Show Me How Friday’ is lacking in quality…. after reading you may in fact be moved to rush to the sewing machine. You have been warned.

Some of you may have already taken our advice here and perused the VAST collection of  wonderful tutorials collated by Ellen over at The Long Thread. My sewing fingers get all twitchy as I click greedily through all the sewing fabulous-ness… So, it was only a matter of time before one of those lovely ideas found its way here.

Today we bring you:


Skirt with built in shorts from The Long Thread


This is on the absolute top of my things-to-make-for-Miss C, and I find myself thinking through my fabric stash for just the right combo. Ellen has so very generously provided a wonderful and very clear pattern pdf which you can find here. You will want to adapt the sizing to fit your own little one, but I promise it really is easy. Go on, get sewing!

Off we go, cocktails a-callin…



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