Creative Crush Wednesday: Little Viking Girl

Hello all.

A short but sweet Creative Crush today. There is spring cleaning to finish and a wee one who seems to be attached to my calf muscle, so let’s get right to it shall we?

Today it’s our pleasure to introduce to you: Little Viking Girl.

In her own words:

Hello! My name is Kristina and I live in the city of Churches – which is Adelaide – with my Czech husband and my little children who are Erik, 2yo, and Natascha, 4yo.

I created Little Viking Girl as a way to express my fondness for design and decoration. My influences include botany and nature and my Australian-Danish heritage.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Etsy shop.

Oooh, the covetable things that await you inside this lovely little store… brooches, earrings, necklaces. Ali is responsible for bringing this fellow South Australian Etsian to our attention, with her purchase of the charming Flower Bird Necklace. It has such a smooth feel aside from the pleasing graphic. Lovely.

Now hanging on Ali's neck!

We love these too:

Canvas Art...

... Botanic Ring (made from recycled cardboard!)

... and this lovely Painted Brooch.

Well done Kristina, we salute you!

See you soon for ‘Show Me How Friday’ – and cross my heart it will be an embroidery-free zone….



3 responses to “Creative Crush Wednesday: Little Viking Girl

  1. Hi Megan & Alison,

    I am so happy to be selected as your Creative Crush designer! After enjoying a relaxing Summer break, I am enthusiastic about opening the doors to my studio to begin creating some brand new designs for the coming year. And what a brilliant welcome I have received! Thank you so much.

    All the best,
    Kristina x

    • A Visual Sensibility

      Hi Kristina
      You are very welcome 🙂
      And Ali is often seen swanning about in your lovely pendant……
      Happy making!

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