Show Me How Friday: Stichorama!

(Yes. You are right again. Today is technically Saturday. Seems someone forgot to press ‘publish’ after spell-checking and pressed ‘save draft’ instead. Someone was weary and not paying attention.)

Welcome to the first ‘Show Me How Friday’ for 2011 to all our loyal readers. Well, Megan’s Mum, Ali, our hubbies…. that makes at least four at least. Anyway, those of you who are following along may remember this post filled with much admiration for the ever-reliable whip stitch. Hold on to your hats people, because the information you are about to receive may send you into a stitching frenzy. Really, you should think carefully before reading any further….


…. ok. Glad you are up for it. Here we go…. Meet Sarah Louisa Whittle.

You will be glad you did when you realise the *immense* amount of time she has saved you. You see, lovely Sarah has created an easy and clear stitch-by-stitch photo tutorial for 43 different types of embroidery stitches. Crazy but true. Pick up your embroidery hoop, put on your thimble and get ready to squeal.

From Algerian Eye Stitch..

... to Bullion Knot Roses...

... to Fern Stitch... Threaded Herringbone Stitch.

I know. Awesome. And yes, I did look at every single one the minute I found them all. If your hand is not too shaky, click here to go to Sarah’s blog and the ‘Stitch A-Z’ list of amazingness.

My favourite of the moment is this one:

Closed Cretan Stich Leaves

I have so many grand plans for ways to incorporate some of this loveliness into our new products… bring on the needle callouses, stitching awaits!.

M & A


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