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Creative Crush Wednesday: Gretel Girl Draws

Hellloooo friends.

Say – have you met Tracy Chaplin? No? Perhaps you know her as Gretel Girl Draws. If not, please let us introduce you….

In her own words:

I love to draw.
I need to create, to make.
I adore my lovely sewing machine.
I am always looking for fabric.
I blog when Im not drawing.
I draw when Im not sewing.
I love my family.

We love that she loves to sew! Over here at AVS Headquarters we have a totally non-malicious envy of Tracy’s clever shenanigans with fabric. In fact we are often heard to mumble something along the lines of “wish I had though of that!” [Sound familiar Tracy? 🙂 ]…. We also love that so much cleverness is being conjured up by another Adelaide girl – what can we say, we are proud of the talent around our lovely little part of the world. Expect to see more clever Adelaidians here on Creative Crush Wednesday.

Anyway, we just have to show you some of our favourite Gretel’s:

'Read to me' - Megan is coveting this one for Miss C who's 1st Birthday is not far away......

And this one…

'Walk a mile in lace' - oh for a pair of those shoes...

… and with a tip of the hat to a certain Mamma’s loathing of housework:

'Domestic goddess' - because when one is cleaning, one is not sewing.

Be sure to check out Tracy’s blog, full of lots of great illustrations and musings (and who knows, you may even find a special reward )…

Off we go, the sun is shining and the birds are singing, time to get outside and feel the sun on ones face (through the layer of suncream and under the sensibly broad-brimmed hat).



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You’re welcome 🙂

Show Me How Friday: Skirt Love from The Long Thread

Hello team. Happy Friday to you.

Another short one today. This time it’s a looming girl’s night that has my fingers typing rather quickly. You should not, however, assume that this means todays ‘Show Me How Friday’ is lacking in quality…. after reading you may in fact be moved to rush to the sewing machine. You have been warned.

Some of you may have already taken our advice here and perused the VAST collection of  wonderful tutorials collated by Ellen over at The Long Thread. My sewing fingers get all twitchy as I click greedily through all the sewing fabulous-ness… So, it was only a matter of time before one of those lovely ideas found its way here.

Today we bring you:


Skirt with built in shorts from The Long Thread


This is on the absolute top of my things-to-make-for-Miss C, and I find myself thinking through my fabric stash for just the right combo. Ellen has so very generously provided a wonderful and very clear pattern pdf which you can find here. You will want to adapt the sizing to fit your own little one, but I promise it really is easy. Go on, get sewing!

Off we go, cocktails a-callin…


Creative Crush Wednesday: Little Viking Girl

Hello all.

A short but sweet Creative Crush today. There is spring cleaning to finish and a wee one who seems to be attached to my calf muscle, so let’s get right to it shall we?

Today it’s our pleasure to introduce to you: Little Viking Girl.

In her own words:

Hello! My name is Kristina and I live in the city of Churches – which is Adelaide – with my Czech husband and my little children who are Erik, 2yo, and Natascha, 4yo.

I created Little Viking Girl as a way to express my fondness for design and decoration. My influences include botany and nature and my Australian-Danish heritage.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my Etsy shop.

Oooh, the covetable things that await you inside this lovely little store… brooches, earrings, necklaces. Ali is responsible for bringing this fellow South Australian Etsian to our attention, with her purchase of the charming Flower Bird Necklace. It has such a smooth feel aside from the pleasing graphic. Lovely.

Now hanging on Ali's neck!

We love these too:

Canvas Art...

... Botanic Ring (made from recycled cardboard!)

... and this lovely Painted Brooch.

Well done Kristina, we salute you!

See you soon for ‘Show Me How Friday’ – and cross my heart it will be an embroidery-free zone….


More Treasury Love

Well, well, very nice indeed! Our latest treasury has made it to ESTY’s front page. Good job all round! There are some beautiful ideas here for Valentine’s gifts:

Happy Monday to you!

Hello friends.

This week our Creative Crush Wednesday will be postponed… a little trip to spend some precious time with a dear friend and her sick little one is needed. Time to power off the laptop and just be for a while.

Times like these I seem to find the world sending little messages of encouragement; one such find is The Wheat Field:

I recommend you pop over for some creative and soul-soothing words until we meet again back here at the end of the week.  Off I go to focus on the…

M & A

Show Me How Friday: Stichorama!

(Yes. You are right again. Today is technically Saturday. Seems someone forgot to press ‘publish’ after spell-checking and pressed ‘save draft’ instead. Someone was weary and not paying attention.)

Welcome to the first ‘Show Me How Friday’ for 2011 to all our loyal readers. Well, Megan’s Mum, Ali, our hubbies…. that makes at least four at least. Anyway, those of you who are following along may remember this post filled with much admiration for the ever-reliable whip stitch. Hold on to your hats people, because the information you are about to receive may send you into a stitching frenzy. Really, you should think carefully before reading any further….


…. ok. Glad you are up for it. Here we go…. Meet Sarah Louisa Whittle.

You will be glad you did when you realise the *immense* amount of time she has saved you. You see, lovely Sarah has created an easy and clear stitch-by-stitch photo tutorial for 43 different types of embroidery stitches. Crazy but true. Pick up your embroidery hoop, put on your thimble and get ready to squeal.

From Algerian Eye Stitch..

... to Bullion Knot Roses...

... to Fern Stitch... Threaded Herringbone Stitch.

I know. Awesome. And yes, I did look at every single one the minute I found them all. If your hand is not too shaky, click here to go to Sarah’s blog and the ‘Stitch A-Z’ list of amazingness.

My favourite of the moment is this one:

Closed Cretan Stich Leaves

I have so many grand plans for ways to incorporate some of this loveliness into our new products… bring on the needle callouses, stitching awaits!.

M & A