Ho ho ho & a bit of left-over Christmas cake…

Goodness me. How did it get to be the end of the year already? From the pre-Christmas flurry of making, planning and stitching, we find ourselves now slothing around with shortbread and Fluffy Ducks. The drink, not the animal.

The tree has been squished back in it’s box and lugged up into the roof (Thanks Megan’s Hubby – hither known as Mr S) and there has been much self-congratulation on the success of our choice of fabric and shopping bags as our wrapping this year. Inspired by Flossie Teacake’s discussion here, gifts were wrapped in red pinking-sheared fabric or a snazzy reusable, foldable shopping bag…. (this one went to a Ali’s lovely little Miss N with much love). It can’t be denied, there was a warm glow of thrifty  satisfaction as we folded it back in the cupboard for next year.

We are enjoying some much appreciated down time here at AVS Headquarters, but will be back again once the calender has flicked over to 2011. Enjoy your festivities big or small, friends, and see you next year!

M & A




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