Show Me How Friday: Whip Stitch

Hello friends.

Those of you in Australia may feel the urge to gently nudge us and whisper “ahem, girls, it’s now Saturday, not Friday….”. We hear you, and offer the black circles under our eyes and auto-pilot parenting of sleep deprivation as our feeble defence. But we are pretty sure you will let it slide this time (for our non-Australian friends: we are usually coming to you from the future, so no doubt we have muddled your sense of time no end today. Sorry ’bout that).

Anyway, let’s put the calander away and get into it – our first ‘Show Me How Friday’ !

If you are like us (and by ‘us’ I mean the non-methodical Hare half of us) you began your hand stitching adventures in a gung-ho, stitch it up any old way. We were always so keen to see what the finished idea would look like that the stitching was, shall we say, a little ‘organic’. No more! This wonderful tutorial at futuregirl was a turning point. It clearly demonstrates how to achieve a neat and easy whip stitch for joining fabrics – great for purse sewing, soft toy making or decorative hand sewing.

Until recently we assumed this was THE way to whip stitch, however this terrific video on You Tube shows a form of stitching we used to call “the stitching my Mum does when she takes up the tricky hems on my suit pants”…. Useful for hems, linings or attaching embellishments with minimal evidence, it is a useful trick to have up one’s sewing sleeve.

As we type, one of us has a sore thumb from a whip stitching frenzy of Christmas present sewing…. yes, time is fast running out. Yes, one should have started earlier. Yes, said one should move Time Management of Sewing Projects back to the top of her To Do list.

Still, a certain little babe just can’t be without a handmade, love filled, slightly-wonky-in-a-characterful-way rabbit for her very first Christmas.


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