Monthly Archives: November 2010

Er, yes, Hello again…

Hi. Sorry about that. We disappeared down the crafting rabbit hole there for a little bit. Nevermind, let’s put it behind us and get stuck into some fun new developments shall we? Good-0.

Since we saw you last, we have

  • been sewing our fingers off, creating some exciting new lovelies…
  • liaising with rather unhelpful printers whilst simultaneously placating hungry wee ones and ducking pouring rain
  • styling and photographing said lovelies… (oh if only you could see the chaos just outside of each shot…)
  • spending waaaay too much time on WordPress late at night trying to work out widgit-y gidget-y things and getting rather muddled then a bit grumpy. Remedy? – ¬†some extended ‘research’ over at the ever delicious Design*Sponge, followed by some blatant yearning on Anthropology… yes, you know how that story ends. Black circles under eyes the next morning and still no better grasp of the ways of the widget…

Still, we creep ever forward, and find ourselves now feeling quite chuffed at our blossoming little store. We are even getting all disciplined, and are making better use of the organising power of Google Docs to schedule in some regular working/making/blogging time. Phew, no wonder we feel a bit pooped!

Be on the look out here for our new regular series:

  • Creative Crush Wednesday – we highlight some of our favourite crafters, creatives and stores
  • & Show Me How Fridays – we share tips, tricks and rather clever crafting techniques, from our own discoveries to the wonderful resources of the www…. because we all want to work smarter not harder, right?

Off we go, the kettle has boiled and little one’s nap is wriggling to an end..

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