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The Tortoise & The Hare

If you were to drop in for a cup of tea and a choccie biscuit with us here at AVS Headquaters, you would notice several things.

1). We work with little people at our feet, on our hips and jiggling on our knees (By little people, we do mean our babes, not a strange race of tiny elves).

2). We are fuelled by toast with Fig & Cinnamon Jam

3). We have two very different working styles….

One half of our team is the tortoise – consistently working on a goal, methodically going through all the steps and pacing herself. It should be noted that she does not resemble a tortoise in any way, and is in fact the most lithe and nimble team member by far. And her skin is far more supple and moisturised.

The other is the hare – full of big ideas, starting them often and with much excited chatter, and then moving on to the next grand plan when it gets to the tricky sewing parts… (ahem, yes Megan, we are talking about you). She doesn’t look like a hare either, although some who know her would probably sayshe often displays a ‘rabbit in the headlights’ kind of vacant stare. Usually when low on chocolate, or confronted with tricky question involving numbers or cooking steaks.

Still, somehow it all works. Things get sewn. Photos get taken. Things get typed into online forms and put into our little virtual world.

It’s a pleasing thing indeed.

M & A


A Quick Hello

Hello again.

What a busy few days it has been. We have been hard at work putting more lovielies in the shop, and learning our way around Etsy as sellers, not just shoppers. Figuring our postage and shipping details saw us plundering the chocolate stash here at AVS Headquarters, but we got there in the end. Have a peek, we would love to hear your comments and feedback either here in the comments, or by emailing us at

You never know, there may just be a little more than good karma waiting to reward you…..

M & A

A Sneak Preview…

Chatting. Sketching. Nodding of heads. Collecting. Rummaging. Snipping. Much stitching. Whirring of sewing machine. Pondering. Smiling. Soon…

Crafters are go.

Wihooo! We have an actual item for sale! From out of our mumblings has arrived a real little shop, ready to be filled with our fabric musings. We are so excited, and look forward to sharing little bits of behind the scenes with you as we stitch our ideas into being.

M & A